Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Homeland Security


Homeland Security


You can never trust a man who doesn't believe in Magic or UFOS or Unicorns or true happiness. Black coffee and raised eyebrows. Hairy arms and depression this man has. An Undisputed arms dealer with a ratchet strap and a puffy chest full of regret. (I keep up with you.) But you cant keep up with us. We are dumber then you. And you think that's true. I will never say Barack Obama's name around you or tell you I actually have kissed a few dude bros in my life.

Everything you say to me/us feels like I'm in an ambulance of cringey and clover.... Over and over.

Downhearted and downshifting. Fast and The Furious 6. Alto spice with different yelling formats, shout to the devil (nawwwwww) shout at your wife (yesssssssss) unseasoned greetings and a flat earth New Year.

Just kidding no but seriously.