Friday, September 23, 2022

Florescent And The Teardrop

 Florescent And The Teardrop


One man drive. Wrap my arms around loneliness. From Driver to Cradock. Potato soup for the soul, underneath the overpass where silhouettes stay still. Travesty harvest, screaming with a closed mouth. Teeth are on life support.

Cheeky window spiders. For the love of the milkman. Leave it to beaver. Drop kettle rainbow. Blow me like the wind. Scoops (big checkers)

The fake horse and carriage amongst the riff raff. Steal my cards and fight me while the neighborhood stalker drives past us.

Hide behind the swollen tree of egos and lampshades. Jump off the coconut playground bridge into the sand. Jump on top of the dugouts and yell "Fuck you! I'm on top of the world!" Ride your bike back to your trailer, racing against the rhino in the sky and racing to find the freedom of the child and adult inside of you.