Sunday, March 23, 2014


If you are from or live in NFK you have probably seen Wesley Bunch walking around with his well fit sexy jeans and "2 cool 4 school" glasses and you probably know he is a great musician and a very dreamy poet that can woo all the girls and make them fall in love like a 1920's jazz player.
Richard Perkins here.....again..... twice in one week. Today I have for you a special video I directed with the help of my yung playboy tiger lily Robbie Graves and Uhlecksee (Alexsi is my real name) Zuhrehn. It's for Suburban Living and the song "Video Love."
This video we started shooting late last year when Robbie Graves hit me up when I was in Nashville with my booface and I was like "oh hell yeah!" We went back and forth through ideas and finally we decided to do a karaoke style 90's video shooting on about 8 different cameras including DSLR, Point and Shoot, VHS, Hi 8, Webcam and Flip cams. The process was fun and went smooth, Wesley Bunch is a genius and can write a song as soothing as the cold wind in an empty field, while the clothes hang high on the clothesline. Anyway folks I hope you enjoy this lovely video and Wesley's lovely swag and gorgeous voice. This video was edited by the "heavy weight champion" Charley Feher, he killed it. Special shout out to Alchemy NFK and Tabitha Lopez for the amazing spots we could do this at and shoot. Love you all! :)

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-text via Alt Daily